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" There's a class of common people, of workers, across borders, beliefs, nationalities, colors and genders that stands for human rights in constant opposition to autocrats, bankers and corrupted politicians. There's a Class of Nations".

With a clear statement THE OFFENDERS introduce their 8th full lenght CLASS OF NATIONS out in November 2019 on Long Beach Records Europe. The album represents a change in the band's sound, adding to their offbeat trademark a more straight-in-the-face streetpunk sound combined with folk elements, using for the first time ever in their carreer a mandolin as lead instrument alongside punk distorted guitar and fast upbeat tempo. As they always did in nearly 15 years of activity, THE OFFENDERS still have a say about nowadays society and politics, as revealed in the opening track ROSE THORN (feat.Frankie McLaughlin / THE RUMJACKS), a working class anthem standing against all profits that corrupted politicians made upon their lies selling out the future of the workers, or MARCHEZ where EU crisis and rising of far-right movement must be faced by the common people as happened during the Spanish Civil War in the past century.
Alongside politics and streetlife we still find some private toughts and reflections like in "Evils Cry Sometimes" or "Chaos FM". On the other hand THE OFFENDERS never miss to also bring the joy and excitement of life into focus. The tracks "Moshpit" or "Rise & Shine" are a step into a slight new direction while nevertheless still sticking to the band's attitude, traditions and beliefs.
During their 15 years of carreer the band appeared in countless clubs and festivals around Europe, including tours in Russia and China, sharing stages with bands like Bad Religion, NoFx, Korn, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Danko Jones, John Cale from Velvet Underground, Radio Birdman, Selecter, Bad Manners, Rumjacks, Real Mckenzies, Buzzcocks, Misfits, Cock Sparrer, Street Dogs, Anti Flag... just to name a few.
CLASS OF NATIONS marks a new era in the band's carreer that embraces the tradtion, heritage and handmade legacy from the last fifeteen years on the one hand while it adds a new dimension to the band's identity and artisitc profile on the other, infusing folk and streetpunk elements giving the total sound a new enthusiastic profile that will guarantee singalongs raised fists when THE OFFENDERS will paint cities all over Europe red with their live sets.

Current Line Up


Heart fo Glass (released on Destiny Records CD DIGIPACK/LP January 2018)

  1. Wie Geht's
  2. Fighters or Survivors
  3. Hope as Drugs
  4. Kotti is not L.A.
  5. Black Caesar
  6. PayDay
  7. Take me Home
  8. Fallin'
  9. Boots & Braces (don't mean racist)
  10. One of these Times
  11. Missing the Dawn
  12. My Darling A.C.A.B.
  13. Set Fire

Class of Nations (released on Long Beach Records Europe CD DIGIPACK/LP November 2019)

  1. Rose thorn (feat. Frankie McLaughlin / Rumjacks)
  2. Chaos FM
  3. Evils cry sometimes
  4. Left behind
  5. Mosh pit
  6. Marche'
  7. Obey
  8. Spit your story
  9. Dagger in the belt
  10. S.F.R.
  11. Rise and shine
  12. Wind & flames


  1. Alles Muss Raus
  2. Harsh Reality
  3. Tons Of Drunk And Party Scum
  4. St. Pauli Swing Jugend
  5. From The East Side To U.K.
  6. Martens Style
  7. 1000 Mal Vergessen
  8. Society
  9. Kids Like Me
  10. Cheap Girl
  11. 2Tone Time
  12. Screwed Up


(7" single limited edition released on Destiny Records Dezember 2013)

  1. Berlin Will Resist (Riot 87 In SO36)
  2. Skinheads Down At The Club
    (not included in "Generation Nowhere")


(released on Destiny Records CD DIGIPACK/LP January 2014)

  1. Berlin Will Resist (Riot 87 In SO36)
  2. We'll Always Be With You
  3. Cripple Superstar
  4. Stay True
  5. Generation Nowhere
  6. Tonight
  7. Rude Fans
  8. Don't Ever Say Again
  9. Heil Angela
  10. The Youth Paid
  11. Face The Power
  12. Crying At The Bar
  13. Pogo In Togo


(7" single limited edition released on Destiny Records November 2012)

  1. Sounds from Underground
  2. Antisocial Beat
  3. Gangs out at night
    (not included in "Lucky enough to live")


(released on Destiny Records CD DIGIPACK/LP October 2012)

  1. Leaders Fall Down
  2. Bootboys Smash The Dancefloor
  3. Sun Made R'n'r
  4. Sounds From Underground
  5. Lucky Enough To Live
  6. The Streets Where I Belong
  7. Never Trust A Smart Guy
  8. Tattooed On Your Heart
  9. Antisocial Beat
  10. Keep On Cary On
  11. I'm Not Giving Up
  12. Before They Will Find Out
  13. Time For Glory


(split mcd/7" with RedSka - released on MadButcher/KobRecords/RedStar73 - December 2011)

  1. Nancy and Trev (Girls wanna have some fun)
  2. Fans turn Casuals


(released on MadButcher/KobRecords/RedStar73 - February 2011/ also LP version - limited edition just on MadButcher)

  1. Life On Grime
  2. Psycho Journey
  3. Lights Of The City
  4. Moonstomp Party
  5. Wigan '81
  6. Hate 88
  7. Keep Your Fist Closed
  8. Blood And Family
  9. Your Call
  10. Don't Look Back, Don't Look Down
  11. Last One Of My Friends
  12. Walk Of Shame
  13. Never Welcome


(7" repressed on MadButcher - November 2010)


(7" released on Mad Butcher - November 2010 )

  1. Side A - Till I Die
  2. Side B - Oi!Skins


(repressed on MadButcher/Kob Records/RedStar73 - September 2010 - plus Wake up Rebels 7" as bonus tracks)


(MCD - released in June 2010 on MadButcher/KobRecords/RedStar73)

  1. Till IDie
  2. Oi!Skins
  3. Teenage Kicks [Bonus Track]
  4. Roots Radicals [Bonus Track]
  5. Last Caress [Bonus Track]
  6. Because You`re Young [Bonus Track]
  7. White Riot [Bonus Track]
  8. Allright [Bonus Track]


(originally released on Grover Records April 2009, then repressed on MadButcher/KobRecords/RedStar73 in September 2010)

  1. Action Reaction
  2. Run From Riot Squat
  3. 1969 Brigade
  4. The Queen
  5. For The Rudegirls
  6. Ready Steady Go
  7. Live Fast
  8. Move
  9. What You Feel
  10. Dress Smart
  11. The Suspect
  12. Too Late


(7" first release on Conehead Records - June 2008)

  1. Side A - Wake up Rebels
  2. Side B - Rudestyle Selecter


(first release on Conehead Records - November 2007 - SOLD OUT)

  1. Hooligan Reggae
  2. Coventry Rebels
  3. Rudeboys In A Dancefloor
  4. Police Oppression
  5. Life Is A Jail
  6. Sandy
  7. Teenage Story
  8. Stay
  9. Call It Justice
  10. Let's Dance
  11. Mad For Ska
  12. Big Bad Show
  13. Run Run


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